How we can help

The team at Jackrabbit Technology Solutions will help your organization move your technology to the next level. Below is just a sample of what we do to help you.

How we can help you

Application Development

Jackrabbit Technology Solutions Software Solutions team focuses on client driven, cost effective solutions focusing on

  • Fast, highly available web applications that are responsive and utilize features that are HTML5 compatible
  • Lightweight mobile apps that work on any platform
  • Desktop applications that are scalable and reliable

JTS is also well versed at working with your existing systems to enhance or remediate issues. Here's a small list of the products we have worked with throughout the years.

  • FoxPro
  • Microsoft Access
  • DBase
  • Java

If you have any questions about your application, please reach out to us by using our Contact Us page.

Technological Business Analysis

JTS can assist your company with a comprehensive review of your technology. This review can focus on one particular area of concern or on your entire technology sector.

Our experienced business analysts will work closely with your and your management team to carefully review your situation. After analysing our findings, we will present a detailed breakdown which will include items such as areas of conern, proposed solutions, and any costs that are associated with the solutions (if known).

Finally, if you choose, we will work with you to implement those solutions, we will create a project plan so you will know exactly what's going to happen and when.

Small Business Continutiy

Something bad will happen to your data, computers, or web site; it's not a matter of if, but when. One of the largest technological gaps that many small companies have is a business continuity plan. A business continuity (sometimes referred to as disaster recovery) plan outlines what should happen in any given circumstance in which your business can no longer perform a given function due to some sort of disaster event.

Jackrabbit Technology Solutions can sit down with you, review your processes and systems, and then document a plan. Each plan is taylored to your business' specific needs, but will include items such as

  • Mission Critical Systems and Processes - these are the items that your business cannot run without.
  • Recovery Time Objective - this is the amount of time allowed from the moment the event occurs until your business is back up and running.
  • Risk Assessment - An overall evaluation of your situation as it relates to business continuity and the likelihood that an event could occur and its impact to your business.