About us

In 1993, what started out as a hobby, helping family, friends and friends of friends, founder and CEO, Andy Gorman decided that the way to succeed is to give honest, easy to understand advice and support. As home computing started to gain populatiry, Andy took his interest to a computer support firm working with customers all over the country, poviding telephone support for many brand name computers.

In 1997, Jackrabbit Technology Solutions started to take shape as Andy started working with clients at home, setting up their computers, giving one-on-one training and helping out whenever needed. Suddenly, this little thing called the Internet became a raging phenomenon. Andy recognized that the internet could be a tool his clients could use and while working with his clients, he helped get them "connected" to and educated on the facinating world of the Information Super Highway.

Today, Jackrabbit Technology Solutions is a world class orginization that povides strategic technological planning, oversight, and execution in anything from network engineering to software and web development